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RIPPLE Crypto-Currency Up 20% Today. it is the WILD WEST out there and a lot of people are likely going to lose a lot of.This article seems to identify some underlying causes I was not aware of - namely Japan as a huge new source of dumb money.Investors are mistakenly thinking that the banks will be using XRP and thus moon, but the banks of course will use a separate chain.If you have been using a DNotes, you will be glad to know that DNotes has recently announced DNotes 2.0 upgrade along with the launch of its new Bitcointalk Forum.

Ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.One of the first use cases that Bitcoin served was to operate as a pseudo-anonymous digital currency for criminals on Silk Road, a web site for exchanging illegal goods.It is comprised of the best that Silicon Valley has to offer, and has been named one of the leading fintech companies time and again annually by Fortune magazine, MIT and other organizations. 7 8.The landscape now is very different post-ethereum, but some people here have not caught up.Here is another shenanigan: They charge you the transaction fee even if your transaction fail.These eastern countries see XRP for what it is: the product of a respected, large, and growing company whose technology banks are adopting.If you want to make money in the altcoin market, it can be done.The rest of the investment money probably goes into marketing.Newbium is a platform for top crypto-currency market as well as.

Pre-mining and particularly ICO is a means to gather money without doing any work and without any risk.In my experience, there is a certain subset of cryptocurrency speculators who do not understand the essential value proposition of crypto and so retain a preference for centralized scamcoins.XRP is the digital asset that Ripple created when they created the XRP Ledger.Posts that are solely comprised of memes, irrelevant youtube videos or similar.Assuming their PR is somewhat accurate, the company has a very promising idea to increase efficiency in the legacy banking system.

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Also, you need to initially deposit 50 XRP, the internal currency at Ripple, to make the account usable.It took years for XRP investors and fans to counter each lie one-by-one and change the nature of the dialogue.The more big institutional investors buy in from Ripple Labs the more they dilute your holdings.

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Also, if you were part of the Foundation, why not just buy in your own ICO.

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The best part is, clueless noobs will later on defend the Thieflar Foundation because unlike Ripple, we actually sold our pre-mined coins.

These buyers tend to be institutional in nature and their purchases include restrictions that help mitigate the risk of market instability due to large subsequent sales.It took years for XRP investors and fans to counter each lie one-by-one and change the nature of the dialogue in the West.

If someone would sell even 7 million (USD) of XRP he would push the market down considerably.Granted, we had an asymmetric advantage in the sale. but the noobs will never appreciate this, if our marketing is good enough.That said, money is indeed money, and certain things make a money shitty, like a 62% premine, large actors circumventing the open market to go for sweetheart deals with the backing corporation, a centralised backing corporation, etc.This results in a distribution curve that is estimated to take over 30 years to complete.

I guess neither of us should really have responded to this thread then.

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REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.The constant public relations war that bitcoin maximalists still wage against Ripple has not completely subsided.

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None of the other crypto-currencies have this ability to provide their own liquidity.How do i can track all my own transactions in ripple.Whether any user is submitting or withdrawing ripple ( mechanism from which Ripple derives its name, rippling, felt like a misfeature.First, try to understand the criticisms, before blindly rushing in to defend your favorite shitcoin.In Japan, South Korea, and China, however, this is viewed as a strong point.Then they pre-mined those coins and whoever wanted to buy them did so.Calling out other users for breaking our rules is not allowed.They got fined for some FinCen violations, added some annoying KYC thing on their user wallets, then soon after closed their user wallet product altogether and focused on courting financial companies.Ripple created the Interledger Protocol (ILP) to connect all ledgers together.

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Ethereum has proven to be a magnificent asset in terms of growth.Shorting volatile alts based on rationality is extremely dangerous though.And so the road to mainstream investor acceptance in the West has been paved with difficulty.The same could not have been possible for ethereum since there was so much attention around it.There are rumors that Ripple will lock-up their XRP holdings in a smart contract to ensure a more predictable coin supply for investors.The claims of a super awesome consensus mechanism impervious to 51% attacks always felt very weird, and the fact that the ripple network only ever consisted of a few trusted nodes controlled by Ripple Labs, that Joe Public was feeding from without ever being part of the consensus did little to comfort me.